Uno Bloggo!

The road ahead
The road ahead

I joined this WordPress Blog some time ago meaning to get back into blogging in a big way and look how long it has taken me to get started! However, I have joined the EpCoP MOOC and we are required to blog as part of the learning process so this has galvanised me into getting this blog back up and running.

It seems fairly user-friendly and I am starting to get the hang of what it will look like. No doubt I will spend many useless hours trying out all the themes but its what I like doing.  Just have to make sure I remember to blog as well!

I have made a little resolution to myself that I will blog at least once a week as a minimum. This is the same strategy that works for me with exercising. I set myself to walk at least 3 times a week. I can usually manage that and if I do more that is a bonus. If I set myself a target of walking every day, then of course there will be days when I cant and that just makes me feel like I have failed and tend to give up. I am hoping that this tactic of setting smaller bite-sized chunks of goals – or objectives, works with the blogging!

It will be easier having a road to follow in my blog – eg I have to blog primarily about the EpCoP MOOC journey so that will keep me focused.


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