Leaping into learning with EpCoP MOOC!

Leaping into learning

Leaping into learning

Joined up to the epcop mooc and am busily engaged in sifting through the mountains of information that are on the various sites, Ning etc. Really looking forward to getting started with the business. Attended the initial online session and enjoyed meeting up with the challenge mentors and Coach Carole. Bit like old home week for me but am loving just being a participant and working through it all. An impressive amount of work has been completed on the site – what a wealth of information! My main concern is being able to keep up with it all with my other commitments but I will give it my best shot!


One response to “Leaping into learning with EpCoP MOOC!

  1. Hi Lynne, thanks for taking part in the MOOC, your input will be valued. Time for participation in any course can be challenging, so why not carve out a particular time slot in the week where you can focus on the MOOC missions and quests. If you want a quick method of catching up with some participants be sure to join the Eportfolios Communities of Practice group in Facebook.

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