As if I don’t have enough to do!

The fog ghosts dancing in the sunset

A serene picture to help calm me - love the stillness of it. Picture from flickr licensed under Creative Commons

Just been inspired by Carole McCulloch to join Steve Hardagon’s Mighty Bell experience. Have just signed on which was a very simple exercise and am now waiting the one day it takes to to be approved before moving into step 2.

Am feeling pretty overwhelmed with things at the moment and not keeping up with the EpCoPMOOC very well but hopefully with my Alice Springs trip out of the way and the Brainfood Conference presentation and the presentation at the E-Standards group meeting and the first session of the EMR ementor group organised and the new eChamp interviewed and signed on, marking almost up-to-date, student field visits rolling along, online sessions for Cert III and Diploma groups organised and also the Committee of Management online fortnightly sessions organised for the CHAOS project etc etc I am almost up-to-date! However, when I see how much CMcC has on her plate and she can make time to take on the Mighty Bell challenge then who am I to complain! I must say – i do work better under pressure! Just need to be more organised so hopefully the Mighty Bell experience will assist with that!

I did manage to attend the Online session on Tuesday on Desire-to-learn and Vumi eportfolio programs. It was a really informative session. Both programs have a lot to offer and Ian’s presentation on the how and why of eportfolios was excellent. Now all it needs is for me to decide if I am going to keep on with mahara or set up a Google sites eportfolio. The amount of stuff to put up there is very daunting so I will do it in small steps – just get the site up and organised and then each day move a few more items up there. Even if I just get them scanned ans filed on my portable hard drive that will be a big step.

Well, I have ticked one thing off my list now – I have added to this blog!


2 responses to “As if I don’t have enough to do!

  1. Hi you forgot to add to all of this your latest achievement – Learn Local Finalist! I know exactly how you are feeling. There doesn’t seem to be enough time to get through all the new ideas that develop each day. Has anyone done a survey on that? I am also a bit swamped with the signing up of networks, workshops and teaching. I have decided that the committment is 30 minutes at the start of the day and 30 minutes at the end of the day to enjoy reading and commenting. I have kept to my pledge to the EEL (Energetic E Learning I call it!). To us teachers! Ann

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