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Pearltrees – What is it and do I know about it?

I have stumbled across pearltrees I think via the fabulous Coach Carole and it looks really interesting. I am currently trying to work out how it works and why I would want to be a part of it. I can see it introduces you to other networks and then you can access their “pearls” or web pages so I guess it is another curation tool. Still working out how to save the “pearls”. Anyone out there a dedicated pearltrees user who can help?


Ementor Doings

Getting ready for my part of the eMentor Showcase at Converge on 24th and 25th November. The organisations assigned to me have been rattling along very well. Have visited Japara once, Rowville and OELP twice and Mulgrave once. Sadly, Mulgrave have had to withdraw from the project because of pressing commitments. Sue at OELP has been a revelation. Her technology skills are excellent and once we established that it was a wiki she wanted to set up, I only had to do a quick demo and she was off and away. She has mastered creating text and headings, hylperlinks, creating new pages, inserting anchors, uploading images and files and is looking at embedding mulitmedia for her low level literacy students.

Ros at Japara also has her wiki up and going. She also only needed one visit from me to work out what she was doing, her goals for the project and how to lay out the pages of the wiki and she completed the rest herself. She has mastered all the techniques mentioned above as well.

Everyone has now set up a blog and have made entries. This was new to all of them so they have had to learn about blogging along the way as well as about wikis, Blackboard Collaborate online classroom and Doodle, an online scheduler. Some participants are interested in exploring Jing so that will probably be our next demo in the online classroom.

Rowville had a seond visit yesterday to look at wiki layout and to see a demonstration of the online classroom as they have been unable to participate in the regional online sessions until now. Lisa and Kerry are going to be just fine and they have the backup of a Coonara wiki expert (trained by Yours Truly ūüėČ ) who can help out with some quick advice if I am unavailable.

Our fortnightly online sessions are progressing well and our last one for the year is coming up. My two eChamps are doing very well with their organisations and Claire, my newset recruit has been able to visit all of her eleaders now and start them off on their e-adventure. All-in-all a very satisfyling few weeks.

Wikis or Blogs – what’s the difference?

Reflecting on a question someone asked the other day – “What do you see as the difference between a wiki and a blog?” My response would generally be that I see a wiki as collaborative tool and a blog as a reflective tool.¬† I googled it and came up with someone who shares my thoughts exactly but puts it very succinctly in terms of an educator.

“A Wiki is a project based tool that allow for collaboration among students, work colleagues, or any virtual community. The impact that a Wiki has is the opportunity to learn together, plan and write projects, or draft work¬†utilizing shared applications. It can be used for the exchange of services to find experts, or fellow learners. It is also a way to plan and meet people in the virtual community.

A Blog is an example of a deep learning experience. A blog can serve as a personal diary artifact or journal, where students put their thinking in a open space for review, to give a good look, or to receive input and feedback from an instructor,¬†social media environment or class community.”

Another blog posting at begins by giving the wikipedia definition and talks about the similarities

  • they are both websites.
  • They are both user-generated (the content of blogs and wikis is created by the actual people who use the blogs or wikis.)
  • They both allow users to comment on the content.

and goes on to look at the differences eg what wikis are good for and what blogs are good for.

Adam Frey of wikispaces suggests that¬† “The simple answer is that a blog is like a journal. It’s great if you want to have an ongoing dialogue or discussion. Say, if the kids are keeping a daily diary about their homework, or about any topic.
A wiki, however, is less about new content every day, and more about evolving the same content over time.
So for example, on a wiki, you could have a student post an essay, and then another student can make some additions and corrections, and another, and another, and over time the essay improves and becomes the work of the whole class.
Blogs are about communicating, wikis are about getting work done, or working together.”

So, each has benefits. When thinking about which one to use for which purpose, think about whether you want to do some collaborating  (wiki) or reflective writing (blog).  I use both with students and for my personal and professional use and find both useful tools to add to my armory of web2.0 tools.