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Leapfrogging week 2 into week 3!

Catching up

Seem to be already behind the eight ball! Except for managing to attend the online session on Tuesday in week 2, I did not get anything done and now we are rocketing through week 3! Was unable to attend the Tuesday online session on Mahara which was a shame as I really wanted to go to that but can catch up via the recording and picking Liz’s brains as she did attend. I had put my name down for a de-cluttering workshop which I thought was pretty-well mandatory for me lol! Time will tell if it has been beneficial but already I plan to take the first step which is to put away/throw out etc 5 items a day. I am going to do that at work and at home. Small steps into a muddled mind! In fact I might start right after I complete this blog – there is a mountain of paper on my desk which looks like it needs a home or filing under WPB!

Reading and watching suggested videos

What have I been doing:

  • Since starting this posting I have set aside a couple of hours and tackled the reading and suggested videos for week 2 as a way of trying to catch up. I enjoyed the Helen Barret video especially. Ever since I was lucky enough to hear her at the first eportfolio conference in Melbourne some years ago when I had no idea what they were about except that they sounded good, I have admired her and followed her doings. This video was a good refresher for me – she always speaks so plainly and with such basic good sense that I go away thinking anything is possible!
  • Visiting sample eportfolios – what a rich array of choices! ShanShan Deng’s visually beautiful butterfly eportfolio appealed to my senses and was  utterly right for an artist. I was using Firefox which would not download the media Player plugin required so I missed out on seeing some of the mulitmedia presentations. This reminded me of the importance of choosing media files that were accepted universally by all browsers.  I thought Sarah Stewart’s wikispaces EPF plain but very functional with information easy to see. She used different pages for each topic which is a good idea as I know that she could have put logins on selected pages thus only revealing certain pages for different purposes. She had it all open but wikispaces does give this facility to close pages which is a relatively new and useful feature for EPFs. I also thought Carole McCulloch’s Google sites was well set out and easy to navigate. I am wondering if Google sites lets you close pages – this would be a drawback if this were not possible. Something to find out from the online classroom session tomorrow night if I can make it.
Thursday 17th
This is my third attempt to get this blog posting complete so hopefully this will be the time I actually post it up!
  • I did manage to attend the last part of last night’s excellent online presentation on Google sites and I found the answer to my question about whether Google Sites lets you close pages – the answer is yes. I am intending to view the whole session again as I missed Christine Dix’s part and also to re-look at some of the fabulous suggestions that came through the chat text as well as from the two presenters.
  • I have now also listened to Radio EpCoP sessions for Levels 1 and 2 and was again reminded what a useful tool podcasting can be – especially Podomatic which is so simple to use and manage. What a great eportfolio reflection tool! Maybe I can use it here?
  • In my voyages around the learnspace also found a great resource suggested somewhere in the ePCoP MOOC about how to blog. It was called “How to format blog posts effectively”  Thanks to saving it to my De.licio.us bookmarking tool, I found it again easily. From now on, I am going to make sure I refer to it every time I blog and blog as effectively as I can.
At this point I am starting to lean heavily towards wanting to set up a Google Sites eportfolio and have commented aboutwhy I think this on the Carole’s posting. It is mainly because it appears so user-friendly, has specific EPF templates and is customisable as I like to do my design graphics and tinker around in the html and CSS.
I think I can now successfully say I have comprehensively covered the Level 2 challenge and can now move on to the Level 3 tasks before we slip into Level 4!
Level 2 badge

Level 2 Achieved